CBY India

Did you know that we have a “sister church” in India?

CBY India is run by Pastor Samuel Krupanand who is Congregational Leader for CBY India in Muramanda, Kadiam Mandel in the E.G. District of South India.

Throughout this entire COVID-19 pandemic, CBY India has been reaching out to their Communities and to those migrant workers who have been severely impacted by the shut-down of the call centres in the cities.

Below is a short movie of the efforts of the various local fellowships that make up CBY India.

It all began when…

“And God planted a garden…”

O.K., maybe that’s going a bit far back in time for the space we have here. Let’s fast-forward to Beth Yeshua’s story as told by “Arnie” – our Congregational leader:

“The idea for birthing CBY Australia came from Rabbi Greg in a conversation we had early in 2011. I met him the second time he came to the Gold Coast, but had been aware of his teaching – (having worn out the CDs from his first visit). I knew that what he was teaching was real and Truth, and I have never looked back.

I think Greg knew our heart for the Messianic movement, and had an unction from the Holy Spirit that we could start a ministry in the Gold Coast, (a coastal city in Australia, located in South East Queensland). I can’t tell you how humbled and honored we were when Rabbi asked, and we were very in tune to whichever way the Lord, and Rabbi, would lead us. They led us to Perth, Western Autralia.

We now have a small but growing fellowship in Perth whom we are blessed to consider “family” (mishpocha – in Hebrew), and that’s a start. I think there are a lot of people who are hungry to hear the Word of God, and sadly enough, are not getting what they need to feel fulfilled and equipped by wherever it is they go to worship and fellowship.

To me, this movement brings The Living Water, and The Word, to life – if people can hear and embrace the Word  (in context) as it was intended. So, we always share with gentleness and respect to the saved, as well as the lost, in the hope that they too can embrace their Biblical roots and perhaps even join our growing family.”